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Are you a talented, experienced software developer looking for that next big step in your career? Or, does your team need the help of a hired hand to support your software development needs? Software - whether frontend or backend - helps to keep businesses running. Without it, supply chains would slow to a snail’s pace. For the growing business, sales opportunities would dry up completely. Great software - bespoke solutions - won’t just keep businesses connected to their customers. It helps us to excel in everything that we do. Communication gets clearer, workloads become more manageable - and productivity increases. Is your business on the brink of a new chapter - but you need a technical specialist to help you get there? Or, you might be an expert looking to offer project support to bespoke backends in need of a talented touch. Regardless, we’re here to ensure your next connection is one that’s both satisfying and mutually beneficial. JG Data and Technical Recruitment is a leading name in headhunting for software programmers and specialists. On a tried-and-tested referral basis, we bring talented people in touch with medium to large businesses in need of technical magic.

Why You Need a Talented Software Developer

No matter what your company produces and no matter who your customers are, the best software can fill many different holes, and can solve all manner of problems. For example:

- Bespoke software can help to make team members’ work easier

- improving productivity and efficiency

- You’ll be able to handle more work, and thus process more contracts

- Your customers will find it easier to engage with you

- You’ll be able to enhance your marketing strategies in real-time

- Communication between in-house teams becomes smoother and easier to handle

Yes, it likely seems easier and cheaper to stick with the same software in-house. However, that is rarely going to work well in practice. A talented software developer for frontend or backend needs can ensure your platforms are built entirely to your needs. What’s more, if you present an app to the public, you can count on a developer to design intuitive software that is always driving for greater engagement. A talented software developer is every company’s ticket to gradual growth. In a day and age where we are all so dependent on digital platforms, it makes sense to invest ion your own talent - purely for your own needs!

Looking for Software Development Roles?

As a software developer, you will likely have plenty of opportunities to choose from. However, it is the quality of these connections that matter. Some firms simply need occasional tweaks to their existing software to be happy. Others, meanwhile, will need complete build-outs for bespoke solutions. If you have the experience and the passion to drive for software success, you need to join a company or brand that values your input. At JG Data and Technology, we work with some of the biggest players across a plethora of industries - and with leading names in technology who can help you take the best steps towards long-term career success. We believe in quality connections, not seat-filling stopgaps. While we specialise in connections for roles on contract, part-time and full-time bases, each recommendation we make comes with our measured guarantee. We work closely with you to understand what you need from an employer and contract, and in return, we match your expertise to a firm who will genuinely value your skills. Time to Make The Leap Software development is a cornerstone of modern service, supply and demand. Think about how much you rely on it in your career and in your everyday life! As such, it’s time that the best software programmers started finding the best opportunities with ease - and for company recruiters to no longer rely on maybes and possibilities. With JG Data & Tech, you benefit from fantastic support and a connection that’s proven to drive results. Call us for a free consultation or take a closer look at what we have to offer online now!

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