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Whether you’re aiming to recruit expertise to help with big data, or are diving into the niche yourself, it’s important to keep your eyes out for the best connections. That’s where JG Data and Technology comes in! The likelihood is you already know a bit about big data if you’re already here - but if not, let us break things down for you, and why it’s important to make the right connections. What is Big Data? The description does most of the work for you! Big data is colossal, and it’s always growing. If you run a company in 2021, then you’re going to be dabbling with a small slice of the bigger pie - especially if you want to grow your customer base and revenue for the years ahead. As customer demand grows, so does data. With this, there is always likely to be a need for data analysts and scientists who can help to break it down, create projections, and organise it in ways that will benefit companies and customers alike moving forward. Here are some fantastic statistics re big data that might just surprise you: - Every second, every single person on planet Earth generates 1.7mb of data. - Only 5% of businesses believe their big data management to be ‘manageable’. - Almost nine-tenths of all data is unstructured and unorganised. - The analytics market will be worth more than $100 billion, globally, by mid-decade. These simple stats pose a clear picture - that big data is big business.

Why Big Data Recruitment is So Important

Consider how much data you access in a daily basis. Be it email, calendar events, even streaming on your lunch break - it is all data crunching. If a company fails to keep up to its growing data stacks and demands, they are at risk of losing both custom and traction on their rivals. Poor data quality actually costs the US around $3 trillion each and every year. Data analysts and scientists are crucial to help keep companies running in an era of intensive number crunching. Technology evolves, and the demand for digital records increases. With every new person born, a new record generates - and a whole new potential for data and services emerges!

But It’s QUALITY Recruitment That Counts

Yes, it’s easy to jump to the conclusion that data scientists and analysts are always going to be needed - and therefore, quality doesn’t matter. That, however, is a misconception. Talented, experienced, passionate data experts can dive deep into big data and produce plans of action to help turn around even the most complex or siloing or laking issues. What’s more, these analysts and experts can rest assured that big firms will always need talented support on hand. Data management systems may be getting more user-friendly, but the data itself is still grandiose and complex. Therefore, it pays to find industry experts and specialists who can get to the root of such problems.

We Bridge the Big Data Gap

Through our extensive database of data professionals and our connections with big brands and businesses, we create long-lasting connections in the big data niche. We work largely via referrals - pivoting professionals and experts we know will more than fit the bill for demanding projects or long-term positions. Big data is a huge problem for many companies, but an exciting challenge for many experts. We’re committed to bringing passionate experts together who can help even the biggest of enterprises process, plan, and gain new clarity. Permanent, temporary and contract recruitment opportunities are available now across a variety of data analysis niches. Allow us to make worthwhile connections for you - no matter where you are on either side of the data recruitment chain!

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