WFM - How far should we take it?

Posted on Friday, May 15, 2020 by Michael Stinson3 comments

Working in Contact Centre recruitment for so long, I have always associated "WFM" with workforce management however it seems that this acronym is now associated with "work form home"

I have always been open to members of the James Grace team working from home. Poorly child? work from home. Boiler needs fixing? work from home. Got a sh*t ton of admin to get through? work from home.

Offering that flexibility has always proved to be a great way to keep people engaged and motivated.

What is worrying now is that people seem to be taking the term "work from home" to a whole new level. I am speaking to Contact Centre Managers who are looking to change their entire workforce to remote workers. Many city centre based offices discussing the option of not renewing leases and even in the recruitment world, many #recruitment are saying they are considering the remote worker solution to keep overheads down in the future.

Offering the flexibility to work from home when required is a great perk. I do hope that it doesn't become the norm though. We are social creatures and need to interact with each other. Our City Centre's need footfall to help new business's grow and thrive. Our economy needs companies to still invest in new office space.

Let's work from home, but only when we need to.

Quick food options when doing work from home

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3 comments on "WFM - How far should we take it?"

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