What makes a successful contact centre agent?

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Why do some contact centre agents excel in their job while others don’t? Why are some happy and others not? How can some people thrive when others can’t keep up?
Successful contact centre agents have certain skills and qualities that set them apart. Here are our top tips on how to excel in your carer as a contact centre agent:
Your voice
The best piece of advice I ever received was to smile when you’re talking, the caller will be able to hear the positivity in your voice. Mirroring the caller is also a great skill, adapting your speech to suit the mood and energy of the caller makes them comfortable talking to you. It’s surprising how simple modifications can make a real difference to the tone of a call.
Attention to detail
Being a contact centre agent, you often answer the same questions and receive the same complaints day after day. The danger with this is assuming that you understand customer issues without seeking further information.
To really stand out and deliver a consistently brilliant service, make sure you check with each customer that their issues are resolved to their satisfaction before ending the call.
If you work in a busy contact centre you need to be incredibly organised. You need to be able to do multiple tasks at the same time (i.e., checking the knowledge base, updating the CRM and taking notes in your helpdesk), all while listening intently to the customer. Staying organised will help reduce errors during this process, and ensuring that you are completing after call work efficiently.
Among the essential customer service skills is simply possessing the knowledge to discuss products and services. Make sure you have received thorough training to better understand what the company offers. And make sure you keep yourself up to date with company developments.
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