Time kills all deals

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As anyone in recruitment already knows, time kills all deals. It was a phrase I first heard 10 years ago when I first started in recruitment and it has resonated with me ever since. I am not saying that you should rush things when recruiting, in fact I think the more thorough you are, the more streamlined the process will be. What I am talking about is managing your clients and candidates expectations and trying to pre-empt any hurdles in advance to avoid unnecessary delays in the process. Waiting weeks between 1st and 2nd stage interviews more often than not ends in a disgruntled candidate who is now considering other career options ahead of yours. Likewise with candidates, if a company is interested in you and wants to see you for an interview, then it is always good to show a bit of willing in return. Asking if they can see you in 3 weeks as you have a half day holiday booked doesn't always show that you are interested in the opportunity available.


As mentioned, I am often heard using the phrase "time kills all deals" and I was recently thinking about how we can incorporate this message into the culture of James Grace Associates. Maybe it was fate, maybe it was pure coincidence or maybe it was a hint of the baader meinhoff phenomenon, but it was at this point I was approached by a man called Aaron who was the owner of a Caterham race team, LFP Motorsport.


Aaron had grown an impressive business and now had a number of championship drivers racing for his team. This was perfect! I now had a legitimate excuse to play with fast cars and also support a local business (something I am very passionate about). It was also the perfect excuse to get some pictures of the cars printed off, proudly displaying the James Grace Associates logo and topped with my favourite strap-line "time kills all deals"
So I am now proud to announce that James Grace Associates are an official sponsor at LFP Motorsport. For those of you who are into Motorsport, keep an eye out for our logo on the back of the LFP cars during the Caterham motorsport race calendar with many races being televised on Channel 5 - http://uk.caterhamcars.com/caterham-motorsport. Also for anyone else who is interested in sponsorship opportunities with the LFP team, you can contact them via their website - www.lfpmotorsport.co.uk
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