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  • 2018 - 2019 Growth

    Posted on Wednesday, September 25, 2019 by Michael Stinson2 comments

    We are celebrating our 18 month anniversary at the end of this month and looking back, it is crazy to see how much we have managed to achieve within such a short period of time. James Grace Associates started in April 2018 with a humble home office set up in our MD's conservatory. Within the last 18 month's we have moved offices a grand total of 4 times due to simply outgrowing the space that we ...

  • Preparing for Uncertainty

    Posted on Monday, December 10, 2018 by Jen WrightNo comments

    We are operating in an unusual economy, GDP is in the plus, the size of the economy has reverted and surpassed pre-downturn figures and we are enjoying our lowest rate of unemployment since 1975, but these positive economic indicators are being overshadowed and somewhat controlled by the political uncertainty of Brexit, and what that will mean in real terms for our businesses. Forecasts don’t ...

  • Time kills all deals

    Posted on Friday, October 26, 2018 by Jen WrightNo comments

    As anyone in recruitment already knows, time kills all deals. It was a phrase I first heard 10 years ago when I first started in recruitment and it has resonated with me ever since. I am not saying that you should rush things when recruiting, in fact I think the more thorough you are, the more streamlined the process will be. What I am talking about is managing your clients and candidates ...

  • What makes a successful contact centre agent?

    Posted on Friday, October 26, 2018 by Jen WrightNo comments

    OUR TOP TIPS TO BEING A SUCCESSFUL CONTACT CENTRE AGENT Why do some contact centre agents excel in their job while others don’t? Why are some happy and others not? How can some people thrive when others can’t keep up? Successful contact centre agents have certain skills and qualities that set them apart. Here are our top tips on how to excel in your carer as a contact centre ...