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JG Energy - Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles are rapidly picking up interest - not only here in the UK, but globally. By mid-decade, the demand for EV charging points and technical support will have expanded to an incredible extent - and as such, it’s crucial that we have access to talent growing into this exciting niche.

However, EV engineering and technological provision should no longer be considered niche. Thanks to the rise of high-value, big-brand EV lines such as the Tesla Model 3, the wider public is more aware of the benefits of electric vehicles than ever before. Therefore, it stands to reason that adoption of these cleaner machines is only likely to increase - particularly as the British government has designs on scrapping traditional fuel car sales by 2030. It is an impressive target to set, and as such, many businesses and operations will need to start catching up.

EV engineers are already well-experienced in the deeper technology and benefits of cleaner transportation. Whether your business or enterprise is keen to hire an expert who can provision and maintain charging points, or if you are in the EV industry yourself and need access to an experienced designer or technician, James Grace Associates will only be too happy to support you.

Finding EV Engineer and Specialist Support


Here at James Grace, we are passionate about helping businesses both in and out of the renewable energy sphere find the technicians they need to keep rolling sustainable solutions out to the masses.

Once again, renewable energy - electric vehicles included - are no longer considered ‘niche’, or even as ‘fads’. The sheer value of EV is growing year on year, with major manufacturers slowly moving away from gas-guzzling cars, trucks and vans to embrace the power of electricity.

As such, there is a growing requirement for experts and engineers in the EV niche. Manufacturers in the automobile trade require hands-on support with designing and deploying advanced electrical technology in their upcoming lines. What’s more, with demand for EV points growing across wider public spaces, there’s an increasing demand for engineers to help transform traditional fuelling stations so they can help people charge and go.

As may be obvious, EV solutions require incredible insight, a mathematical focus, and genuine passion for bringing society into an age of clean energy. Anything less than this simply will not fit the bill - which is why our recruiters are dedicated to tap deeply into the niche to help you find the experts you desire.

Why is EV Recruitment So Important?

As mentioned, the world - not just the UK - is moving ever-more towards electric vehicles as an everyday standard. While it is currently the ‘norm’ to fill up a vehicle with petrol or diesel at a local station, huge waves of motorists will be plugging their vehicles into specific charging points for extra power in the years to come. What is really exciting, of course, is the fact that this technology is already here.

Whether you work in transportation, in clean energy, or simply require an expert or consultant in EV to help you embrace this new standard, James Grace Associates works with a blend of emerging specialists and experienced professionals.

With a keen focus on clean energy and technological evolution, we are constantly reaching out to promising talent - and making connections between such professionals and leading brands and companies. No matter your industry or niche, in the modern age, time is running out too embrace sustainable energy solutions in all their forms.

Therefore, instead of focusing on training EV engineers and technicians in-house, it makes simple, cost-effective sense to reach out to our recruiters. You can be sure that we will introduce you to an EV technician or engineer who will require minimal onboarding. Thus, you can hit the ground running as soon as possible.

If you’d like to know more about EV recruitment - whether you work in the industry directly or are interested in adopting the technology - allow us to match you with an experienced, self-starting professional. Call now or email us for details.

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